12 Countries Expected To Rise At The End Of 2016

Obama just signed the Transpacific partnership

President Obama a few months back signed the Trans-Pacific partnership. (TPP) He is adamant about this legacy to crown his presidency. President Obama has made it clear; it will pass before he leaves office. This has not coloured the opinions of the presidential hopefuls, as they will not override the TPP after it has passed. Neither of them wishes to be involved as they both have backers who want it to pass. The TPP will sail through to American law. Just as the British Navy sailed through the Spanish Armada in 1588. It is expected to pass in the last session of Congress and be signed between November 6th and January 8th. This will all happen prior to the next president takes office.

The twelve pacific rim countries are Australia, Brunei Darussalam, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, the United States and Vietnam. And this partnership promises free trade, opening up worlds of opportunities for all.

This will change the trade balance between Singapore and the world. This already if causing an influx of cash to the Singaporean economy in preparation for the shift in corporate assets to the Pacific Rim.

The sun is rising for the people living and working here in Singapore. Those who wish to invest in real estates or in new business opportunities will want a rapid return on their investments in both the short and long term. However, the question for you is where one obtains the needed money that you want to invest. Where can you get the best terms in order to get this investment resource?

Well, we will talk about that, as well as some investment possibilities that many have yet to explore in Singapore. Getting in on the booming Pacific Rim is getting more lucrative and you as a Singaporean need to be alert to getting the best returns on your capital investment.

New Investment Opportunities in Singapore

Some of the investment vehicles that Singaporeans overlook are now ripe in the next coming year. One is Pet Franchises in various categories. This is due to the expected relocation to the new family home developments that are opening up in the City-state. Foreigners are expected to also be relocating with their families as well. With families comes pets and pets have special needs. Some of the hot franchises are speciality pet clinics and gourmet food for pets, pet oriented speciality products and other pet services.

All of these open up opportunities for a Singaporean to open up a chain of such operations in the next year. It will give the advantage of increasing jobs and the need of additional A-1 workers. However, a new franchise requires cash expenditure. Whether you are getting a business loan or a personal loan in SG banks are now opening up in anticipation of this run on people to start up their own enterprises.

Nevertheless, if a franchise does not appeal to you then there is a favourite of many Singaporeans, that being Real Estate.

Purchase an Investment opportunity

For a Singaporean, this usually means rental or a condominium that can be sublet. Nevertheless, with the influx of foreign investors you want to focus your sights on nailing down “business” opportunities. This would include office space, factory locations, and parcels of property that can be developed commercially. 500 corporate backers of President Obama’s TPP are waiting to move their operations to the “Jewel of the Pacific Rim”, Singapore.

There are numerous reasons for this are taxes and labour cost in the immediate locales of Malaysia, and Indonesia. They all are required to ship through or past Singapore. Therefore, warehousing and transhipment opportunities are now becoming a desired commodity. In preparation, the various banks in Singapore are loosening the purse strings to help Singaporeans take advantage of this massive shift in economic development to the Pacific Rim.

Foreign businesses will be looking to set up shops or expand existing facilities. If you are one one with the few who have planned in advance you will have a lock on the choices parcels and be able to command the market and its pricing. Numerous opportunities besides the ones mentioned are in the offing.

However, do not just take out a loan or sell your cottage by the sea. Plan your prospective project with care. Get professional help on the best sources of revenue and with the best rates. Go with reputable advisers who have the knowledge of the coming events and know where the financial resources are available. In this way you can get a business loan or a foreigner loan in SG that will let you take advantage of the tsunami of business that is about to inundate the country.

You want to ride the crest of the wave and not be dragged under. To do this, you need the best in financial acumen and advice. In this way, you profit and with little or no risk in the process.